Posted in May 2009

Knocked out by the sun

This was just not my day. It started with me dreaming that I forgot my start number and chip as I was about to start the race, and ended up with me quitting the Brussels 20K, far away from the finishing line. The sun sucked all the energy out of my body, and it felt … Continue reading

Frp mangler nettkoden

Frp har ikke knekket internettkoden. Vil internett ta knekken på tv-partiet Frp? Siv Jensen. Foto: Bård Gudim, Frp (Sorry to my international readers, but this is an article I’ve written for the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet, about the Progress Party, the second largest party in Norway, and their paradoxical use of the internet in the election … Continue reading

Naughty, naughty

Once in awhile I get contacted by companies or organizations that have discovered my blog because stuff I’ve written about, and they want me to write about what all the wonderful things they do. Most often I don’t. But yesterday I got an email from a French store, Locher’s that caught my attention. They probably … Continue reading

My review of different collaborative tools.

A couple of day ago I wrote about my search for a good collaborative tool for idea/argument sharing. I’m looking for a tool which makes it easy to contribute yes and no arguments (without having to login) and later on, vote on the best arguments. I was recommended four different tools and here are my … Continue reading

Break a leg @jensstoltenberg!

Today, a tweeting Prime Minister made me happy. Not because of something political he wrote, but because Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister was about to go out running, in a public race (Holmenkollenstaffetten). He is part of the team at the Prime Minister’s Office, and he’s running the last leg of the relay race. … Continue reading