Posted in March 2008

Satanic Verses on stage

I have followed the publication of the Dutch movie “Fitna” with some interest. I still haven’t seen the film, and I’m sure it is possible to find somewhere online even though LiveLeak removed it on Friday. However, it seems to be the kind of film that is made just in order to provoke, not to … Continue reading

Cycling in thin air

When I first pushed the pedals, I immediately regret, but there seemed to be no way back. I just had to cycle in thin air. It looks much more fun than it actually was:-) This is me cycling at the great Technopolis – a technology, science museum just outside of Brussels. This game was meant … Continue reading

Canada following the NRKbeta doctrine

I’m back in Brussels after a wonderful holiday in the steep mountains surrounding Colle Isarco, Italy (a fantastic mixture of Italy, Austria, Germany, wiener-schnitzel, pasta, espresso, schnapps and picturesque Tyrol houses). But just before I went on my Eastern break, I read that the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC, is copying NRK and will adopt DRM-free … Continue reading

Obama’s brilliant speech

Did you see Barack Obama’s race speech or what he calls “A More Perfect Union” speech yesterday? Wow, what a performance! He spoke about two of the most controversial issues in American politics, race and religion, and did it with such strength, confidence, but at the same time, humility. To get all the details, read … Continue reading

Journalism + programming = good stuff

As I was looking for something completely different (which is very typical for web searches), I found this great article in Columbia Journalism Review about Wiring Journalism 2.0. Its about how media adopts to new digital technologies, and one of the questions Brad Stenger (co-organizer of the recent conference “Journalism 3G: The Future of Technology … Continue reading

Who do I call if I want to call Europe?

I’m at the European Council meeting in Brussels right now, and have a draft of the presidency conclusions in front of me. Since almost all publications report on the big political issues such as Eu’s ambitious environmental goals, I thought it could be good to look at some other issues, such as my personal favorite … Continue reading

Demonstrate online now!

Reporters Without Borders is arranging a 24-hours demonstration against Internet censorship, and it is time for you to raise your banner online. The really bad Internet guys are Burma, China, North Korea, Egypt, Cuba, Eritrea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam. The whole list is here. The demonstration is part of the first “Online Free Expression Day”. … Continue reading

Bitch is the new black

Tina Fey, one of my favorite comedians, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. And according to Tina, bitch is the new black. Enjoy! Update: Here is the hard-hitting and straight talking reply from Tracy Morgan (also SNL): (Via My Two Cents)

About EIT, the Koran movie and dirty editors

Some quick but good links is all I got time for today: The European Parliament has approved the establishment of EIT – the European equivalent of MIT. Commission President José Manuel Barroso says that “EIT is set to become an important feature of Europe’s innovation landscape”. I’m curious to see how this EIT invention will … Continue reading

One Laptop Per Child needs new CEO

The ambitious project started by Nicolas Negroponte, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), is reorganizing, according to Businessweek. Negroponte says “the organization has been operating “almost like a terrorist group, doing almost impossible things” for three years. Now, he says, it needs to be managed “more like Microsoft.” Negroponte, who is founder and director of MIT’s … Continue reading

8th of March for IT-girls

Living in Brussels, there are different ways to celebrate the International Womens Day, depending on your interests. Power Women attend this conference today, such as Condoleezza Rice, American Minister of Foreign Affairs. Women with less fancy titles and less abilities to start a war, such as myself, attend a “power lunch” with these people tomorrow. … Continue reading