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My favorite political cartoons

Have you ever wondered how it is to live in a modern-day “1984” society? Canadian-French cartoonist Guy Delisle tells you all about it in this wonderful little book, Pyongyang about the sad and fucked-up country North Korea, what he calls a “hermit country”. I gave it to my husband this Christmas, and ended up reading … Continue reading

Følg sporene mine

Vi avskyr overvåkning, men vi legger igjen flere digitale spor enn noensinne, de fleste frivillige. (Another Norwegian article, this time from Morgenbladet a week ago. It’s about surveillance vs. digital footsteeps we voluntarily leave behind). Dagens mest romantiske mail mottatt: «Jeg hadde tenkt til å fri, men så var du ikke online på MSN.» Denne … Continue reading

George Orwell’s blog

This is a great idea! Some scholars at the University of Westminister in London have started publishing George Orwell‘s diary from 1938 as a blog (you can even leave comments). The professors have humorously enough include hyperlinks for words such as hazel nuts and white owl. The idea is to bring more attention to Orwell’s … Continue reading