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Norway says – share, but don’t steal?

A new initiativ by 2300 Norwegian artists and 37 organizations called Dele – ikke stjele (Share –  Do not steal, more info in English at TorrentFreak) is creating new fuzz. And I’m asking myself: Does that mean upload, but don’t download? Their main argument is to respect the copyrights. Legal filesharing is good. Piracy is … Continue reading

Europe’s struggle with piracy

All the kids I talked to this summer while on vacation in Norway, told me that they never paid for music. They found everything they needed online, and downloaded it for free. From Pirate Bay and other file sharing sites. (This blog post is also posted at the Personal Democracy Forum’s European blog) My very … Continue reading

The war against the kids

I’ve written about the complicated relationship between copyrights and creativity for Morgenbladet. The text is in Norwegian, but you can try Google Translate if you are interested. One remark – in the original article I wrote that the European Parliament had voted to extend copyrights for music from 50 to 95 years.  The result is … Continue reading