Posted in February 2009

The problems with “free” public data in Norway

To make a mashup of public data in Norway  sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it is much more complicated. I’ve been involved in an environmental internet project with Edda Media (a fairly large media company in Norway), as well as Sunnmørsposten (a regional newspaper on the west-coast of Norway), and the restricted … Continue reading

An old friend with a new blog, a marathon and a poll

I’m always happy when I come across old friends that have started blogging or suddenly has a profile on Twitter (here is mine). Two days ago, I received a link from Ingvild Wedaa Tennfjord, a profiled Norwegian feature journalist in Dagbladet (portraits is her speciality) and at the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation, NRK.  She is always … Continue reading

Follow the Brussels Twestival tonight

I’m doing some blogging and twittering for the Brussels Twestival today, just came back from the European Parliament where Mikhail Gorbatchev, Prince Albert II from Monaco and Hans-Gert Pöttering talked about Peace With Water. Today I will test out liveblogging with CoverItLive for the first time, seems like a very handy tool for live reporting. … Continue reading

Artsy ladies

First blogging brunettes, now artsy ladies – what’s next? Well, one month before women’s day, I’ll give another shout-out to some ladies, this time in Brussels. Two Norwegian friends of mine, Annebeth G. Hansen and Anne Cathrine Crawfurd are exhiting their creative power with a series of paintings, “Peinture”. Their styles are quite different, but … Continue reading

Twestival – social media for social change

Twestival in more than 175 cities all over the world – it is incredible! And all the parties will take place on the same day, this Thursday, Februar 12. I’m part ot the organizing group of the fabulous Brussels Twestival that will be located at Le Botanique. Hurry up and get your tickets! Tweet, meet, … Continue reading

Blogging brunettes (and some blondes)

Lately, I’ve considered whether I should become a blond blogger. Well, not exactly. But it’s been interesting (and a bit sad, I must admit) to read about some of the most highprofiled girls lately. Swedish blogger Blondinbella has more than 300 000 unique vistors a week. Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip’s blog has more visitors than the … Continue reading

Your words – on a bus

Have you ever dreamt about making your own bus slogan? Or just want to see your name on a bus? Now you got the chance. A geek I haven’t heard of has made this funny bus slogan generator (inspired by the atheist buses). I couldn’t resist and made the one you see here – especially … Continue reading