Posted in April 2008

Bellona’s advice regarding food and CO2 footprints

Recently, I wrote about The moral dilemma of eating pumpkin outside the season, and since I encountered some tricky questions while dealing with this topic, I contacted the Norwegian environmental organization Bellona for a follow-up question. I asked: Is there any food we (meaning living in Europe) should totally avoid because of the environmental costs … Continue reading

When everyone is a reporter – even donors

If your interested in journalism, citizen journalism and the future of media, here is an article you have to read (via eJour). Blogger and professor in Journalism, Jeff Jarvis and Michael Tomasky, Guardian’s USA editor, “clash” in this piece on the topic of citizen journalism/bloggers and what to expect from the new reporters. The backdrop … Continue reading

If in Oslo next week, go to this seminar

I wished I could go to this seminar in Oslo next week, Monday 5: (How free is the Internet?) Hvor fritt er internett? Grunnleggeren av Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, skal innlede når Nobels Fredssenter og Teknologirådet inviterer til konferanse 5. mai. Temaet er ytringsfrihet og sensur på internett. Møtet holdes mandag 5. mai fra 09.00 til … Continue reading

This is going on at the Pearl Project

I wrote a post about the Pearl Project recently, and I got so happy when I received a replay from Jackie Sanders, the director of the Journalism program at Georgetown University, regarding the progress of the project. Here is what she wrote: “I am the Director of the Journalism program at Georgetown University where the Pearl … Continue reading

Mash up the environment

I’ve been looking at some environmental mashups today, several from this site, and they give some pretty stark images, either on the present situation or the future. Here is a site that is dedicated to the consequence of rising sea level on American coastal cities. Take for example a look at this image from Manhattan … Continue reading

What happened to the Pearl Project?

This weekend I watched “A Mighty Heart”, the movie about the horrible kidnapping and search for Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. I had already read the book, written by his courageous (and pregnant!) French wife, Marjane Pearl, who is also a journalist. I thought the movie, with Angeline Jolie and Dan Futterman in … Continue reading

Blogging the Japanese way

I just watched this very interesting video at the Washington Post, about Blogging Japanese Style. Very nicely done, and it gives us a good comparison between the Japanese way (more modest, audience – your friends) of blogging vs. the American (more bragging, selling yourself, audience – the world). I was also surprised to learn that … Continue reading

Following the Downing Street on Twitter

Gosh, this is fun. I started following Downing Street on Twitter yesterday, and I’m postively surprised that Gordon Brown and his crew have heard about this application, and actually is using it in their communication with the world. 9 minutes ago I got this twit: “The PM has left the building for a few days … Continue reading

Killed by blogging

Have you felt some chest pain lately? Sleep deprived? A numbness in your arm? Gained or lost a lot of weight? And you are blogging? Then you should take a look at this article in the New York Times about the dangers bloggers confront.

Cool computers on Iceland

What do you get if you mix low temperatures, cheap biothermal energy and multinational computer companies? Iceland’s new growth potential. I just came across this neat article about Iceland, and how they are trying to convince Google and Microsoft and several other giants about the advantages of establishing data centers on the saga island: It’s … Continue reading

Blogging and SMSing – the Finnish way

 Finland’s new foreign minister is quite a character – judging from his blog. I’m especially fascinated by his pictures. Alexander Stub has been a MEP of the European Parliament until now, but he was hastily appointed new foreign minister after the previous minister texted himself into a SMS-sex scandale involving an exotic dancer, her sister, … Continue reading

Report about EU’s ICT policy

I got myself some a nice piece of bureaucratic reading this evening. Today, the Norwegian EU Delegation published a report about EU’s ICT policy. I’ll get back when I’ve done some further reading – just one quick observation – why is this report published in Word, instead of PDF?