Posted in May 2008

Exposed by the Internet – Solstad, Siegel and Gould

Have you ever felt naked online? Too much information out there, about yourself, your feelings, your surroundings, your private opinions? I was struck by the resemblance between these three stories yesterday, as I by coincidence stumbled upon some of them. And all of these three people; Dag Solstad, Norwegian writer, Lee Siegel, American critic, and … Continue reading

Blogging on the radio

I was interviewed by Kurer recently, a radio program at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) about “Politicians in a Digital Culture”, based on an article I wrote for Dagbladet. Here is the podcast. I must admit, it is very strange to hear my own voice “from outside”, so I avoided for a while to listen to … Continue reading

Time for wiki foreign policy?

Norwegian foreign policy as a wiki document? Would that be an intriguing idea? Open for contributions and editing from the audience? I do understand if some diplomats would bite their tongue off if reading this, and to be honest, I’m not sure how that would work out. But why not try it out? The reason … Continue reading

Why Carl Bildt is blogging

For a long time, I’ve been amazed by the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt and his blogging capacity. He has been the leading star of the political blogosphere I follow, and I wished more politicians could follow his example. But how does he do it, is something I’ve been thinking. How does he find time … Continue reading

The Euro blogosphere

For those of you interested in the EU/Euro/European blogosphere, Jon Worth has an excellent blog post about the movers and shakers. Start feeding your RSS reader! (Worth says that blogs that don’t have RSS feeds are not included, so if you write about European issues and you still haven’t gotten a feed, shame on you! … Continue reading