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New city, new job – Oslo, Origo

I’m leaving Brussels this weekend, as I’m moving back to Oslo after three years in Belgium. It is not easy to leave a place after so many good years here, just as it was hard to leave Washington DC after three years there in 2002. But it’s time to go back to Norway and start … Continue reading

Knocked out by the sun

This was just not my day. It started with me dreaming that I forgot my start number and chip as I was about to start the race, and ended up with me quitting the Brussels 20K, far away from the finishing line. The sun sucked all the energy out of my body, and it felt … Continue reading

Lessons learned from the Twestival

Another blog in my little mini-series, Social media for social change. The first blog post was about the Twitter storm that hit a small Norwegian school, Moltemyr skole, after some Norwegian Twitter users became aware of some anti-Darwin articles written by one of the school’s science teachers. Social media for social change (or if you … Continue reading

Girl Geek Dinners to Oslo?

I’m a feminist, in case you wondered. And I think it’s time Norway brings home the Girl Geek Dinners concept. I’ll explain, but first, some background. Normally, I celebrate International Women’s day by going to a party (which has become a tradition in Oslo. This year, Ladyfest is celebrating women for 9 days!), but  I … Continue reading

Artsy ladies

First blogging brunettes, now artsy ladies – what’s next? Well, one month before women’s day, I’ll give another shout-out to some ladies, this time in Brussels. Two Norwegian friends of mine, Annebeth G. Hansen and Anne Cathrine Crawfurd are exhiting their creative power with a series of paintings, “Peinture”. Their styles are quite different, but … Continue reading

Heading for the Girl Geek Dinner

Tomorrow, I’m going to a very exiting event in Ghent, Brussels Girl Geek Dinner. As you can imagine, this is for geeky girls (or maybe girly geeks, since some men are also coming). The blog was created by this geeky woman, Clo Willaert (who has a really cool blog), and the dinner idea was apparently … Continue reading

Money, money, money

The financial crisis hit Belgium hard this week, and our local bank Fortis had to go down on it’s knees and beg for money from the governments of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The bank is now partially nationalised. My father took this excellent picture at the National Gallery in Brussels this week. Help your … Continue reading

Car free day in Brussels

Yesterday was car free day in Brussels – a concept I love! The city really comes alive, and it amazing to see all the people everywhere, on their bikes, roller blades, strollers, feet. The whole atmosphere in the city changes, and instead of roaring cars, we hear laughter and chatting in the street (and once … Continue reading