Posted in January 2009

16 technology books you should read

If books can remove the fear and prejudices, this is my attempt to help people understand and cope with the technological changes taking place within politics, media, academia, law, etc. Fear of openness, fear of collaboration, fear of “the people, formerly known as the audience” is something I hear quite frequently. I was asked to … Continue reading

Finding EU blogs with the

How many EU bloggers are there? What are they writing about? What pisses them off? Why are they passionate about the EU? Find out by visting, a blog aggregator built by some friends of mine, Stefan, Jon and Kosmopolito. The EU blog aggregator is following 281 blogs at the moment (if you know of … Continue reading

If in Brussels, mark February 12 in your calendar!

That is the day for the Brussels’ Twestival – a festival for Twitter users in Belgium in support of charity: water, an organization that works to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. The idea is to gather Twitter users, meet face to face, not only avatar to avatar, chat, drink, listen to good music, … Continue reading

25 years with Mac

“On January 1984, Apple Computer  will introduce the Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”. Those were the words Apple used to introduce their now world famous Macintosh 128K in this video by Ridley Scott: I was never the owner of this little beige treasure, back in 1984 I had very little … Continue reading

Congratulations America!

Finally, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. The incredible long Bush years are over. This can only become better. I’ve celebrated the inauguration by wearing my nice Obama t-shirt from my trip to DC , made by Chris Bishop. Here’s a few good articles and websites about digital government – will … Continue reading

Artist poking fun at EU

Finally some fun controversy in the EU. All created by a huge installation in the EC Council, called Entropa, made by the Czech artist David Cerny (warning: Crazy website). The idea was to portray stereotypes of the 27 different member countries, made by 27 different artist from each of the member countries. Apparently, Cerny changed … Continue reading

The Gaza tragedy – and some online tools

The horror in Gaza continues. I’ve written about Gaza and EU’s inability to get anything done in my column for the next issue of Morgenbladet (out this Friday), and as I was writing the piece, I looked around online for different ways to offer some help to the trapped civilians in the warzone and get … Continue reading

Lovely links

Lovely links for you – here is some of the stuff I’ve read lately: I’ve been amazed by all my new Twitter followers I’ve received lately (you find me here at Twitter), Twitter is clearly going mainstream. Here are 5 ways to discover new Twitter applications. SocialToo is another useful Twitter tool  (follow/unfollow stats, surveys … Continue reading

The atheist buses stir debate

800 atheist buses are rolling in the UK, I’ve written an article about the campaign in Dagbladet (Norwegian). The debate after the article is quite intense, one of the commentators argues “Down with religion!”, another one shouts “Do you think there is a God in 2009?” One persons says that “this kind of campaigns send … Continue reading