Supercities and an interesting project



Next week, I’m heading to Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities with about 19 million citizens. It will be the largest city I’ve visited, with about 1 million more people than another big place I’ve been to,  New York (I’m using the metro numbers).

I’m going to a wedding and is very curious about how such a huge city will feel like. Will I ever forget that I’m surrounded by 19 million other people? Will it ever be calm? Will I ever see anything other than more houses in the horizon? Soon I will know.

Last year,  2007, was a tipping point for cities. That was the point when more than half the world’s population (over 3 billion) lived in cities, never have more of us been urbanites.

If you are interested in this topic, check out this great project: 19.20.21 – about what the rise of supercites such as Mexico City will mean for us and the earth. They will share their information with their partners (and eventually the public) on several platforms, web (and mobile), tv (cable and broadcast), seminars, print and exhibits. (via Espen Andersen)

These days, I’m also reading a good book about cities, “Who’s your city?” by Richard Florida. He argues that your choice of city is just as important as your choice of life partner or career…

The big question is – which city should I move to next summer?

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