The online search for Odd Molly

When it comes to clothing, women are willing to go a far stretch. And apparently, fans of the Swedish brand Odd Molly are more desperate than others. Just so sad to see that the Odd Molly-folks are not following up the chat going on online about their own brand.

Before I continue with Odd Molly, let me explain the trail of thoughts that let me to the Swedish brand. My reading started with the article about Norwegians selling off their Christmas gifts online two days after Christmas, and I got curios to see what they wanted to get rid of. Among the thousands of articles on sale at, I found a beautiful Odd Molly dress. And then I started to search for Odd Molly clothes in London, since I’m going there next week. And this is where I ended up, on a Swedish style blog. I was totally amazed by the comment section of this piece. The blog entry itself is about a stylish Odd Molly jacket the blogger Karin Eriksson wished she owned. The first comment is written 18 September 2005 and the last is entered on 2 January 2008. 65 different comments are posted, mostly about where people can find Odd Molly in different countries.

The Odd Molly company has a comment in the trail as well, but it only says that customers should send an e-mail or call at their office if they want to know where to find the local store. Hey, what kind of customer service is that? And what a lousy web strategy! They should at least make it easy for their customers to find their local store at their web site, and more importantly, keep some more eyeballs online to follow the Molly conversations going on.
(disclaimer – I don’t own any Odd Molly pieces, yet:-)

14 thoughts on “The online search for Odd Molly

  1. I’m a Swede living in the US and had trouble finding Odd Molly here at first (now there’s several places but I found these guys who ship internationally.
    With the weak dollar, I buy all the stuff my friends and family wants for them and then I ask deepfling to ship it to Sweden!! Can you believe the prices are actually much lower here than in Sweden since the dollar is worth pretty much..uuummm very little:)

  2. These girls are based in Edinburgh (UK) but ship to US and beyond. Good online shopping site featuring Odd Molly and American Vintage. I guess the prices might be getting dearer with the dollar/pound exchange rate – but with a look.


  3. Those stores listed below are good, but as far as selection goes, (and they also do international shipping) is Their selection of Odd Molly as well as other hip Scandinavian brands is amazing.

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  5. hello to you….
    I am a odd molly lover, and also sell it from the US but mostly ship out of the country…
    I send out a email catalog every new odd molly season, and let my customers reserve items since they sell out so fast! If you need help finding pieces I also re-order from Odd Molly throughout the season….
    Best to you…

  6. Hi Odd Molly Lovers

    Try this website:
    It has more Odd Molly styles than other webshops I have seen, also those mentioned in this blog.

    Note this if you live outside the EU:
    Non EU members will enjoy 20% taken of their bill prior to final confirmation as the Danish VAT does not apply to you.

    Have fun shopping – I will 🙂

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